Case Study – GP Study Day

Last updated on January 29th, 2021 at 11:06 pm

Beacon Hospital is a privately owned full-service Private hospital located in the Sandyford suburb of Dublin, Ireland. The hospital was developed by Beacon Medical Group.

The Challenge

In these difficult times our client faced the all too familiar Dilemma for anyone staging an event at the moment. With Government restrictions in full swing staging their usual Live GP Study Day was unfortunately not an option.

Producing a polished virtual Event that went beyond standard a Zoom type meeting. After a site inspection at the Hospital we quickly concluded that for power and more importantly Broadband constraints we would be better rethinking venues.

The Solution

Firstly, we arranged a client Site visit to AVC’s purpose-built virtual studio. We provided a full demonstration of the Studio and in particular our HD LED wall background. This gave the client a clear understanding of the capabilities and feel of the studio. Together with the Green room for Presenters to relax and view the Conference live before their own presentation it seemed an obvious solution.

The Beacon team agreed that the Studio was a better fit for them, we set about making everything happen.

Our Visual department got straight to work creating various options of virtual sets, once we had hit on a design that the client was excited about, we brought all the other technical expertise to play from Sound, lighting, Cameras & IT with initiative graphics for presentations.

We had 5 separate camera shots all live mixed on an AES-encrypted secure streaming platform. So, attendees could access via their web browser and a secure HTTPS connection. Providing an encryption process which is invisible but provides a significant layer of protection against interception and piracy.

The Result

With all the equipment pre-set and ready to go in our Studios it made for a relaxing start to the day from a technical point of view. In order to translate that relaxed feel to our client fresh teas, coffees along with individual Covid proof breakfast boxes were at hand in the green room.

The Study day began with Introductions from Dr Séamus Linnane, Deputy Medical Director of Beacon Hospital who also acted as moderator. A natural at the role, never missed a que and kept everybody running to time along with fielding questions to presenters as they came in.

There was several hundred GP’s logged in virtually who received excellent presentations from renowned Consultants in their field.The main goal was to deliver our Client a real-time event which allowed for audience interaction that had TV production values. Thanks to some really exciting and innovative work by our technical team we did just that!