AVC Studios’ Belfast Billboard Campaign
26 Feb

AVC Studios’ Belfast Billboard Campaign

AVC Studios have five state-of-the-art studios in their offices throughout Ireland, two of which are located in Belfast! These studios enable us to facilitate a wide range of virtual or hybrid events.

As we continue to grow we want the word out that our Belfast studios are up and running! We have the largest Virtual and Hybrid studios in Belfast. Our Studios are located just 7 minutes from George Best City Airport!

Beginning our Billboard Campaign

We came to Rapid Agency seeking advice on how we could get the word out there that we are here and ready to hold virtual events. They suggested a Billboard Campaign!

We wanted to get the most out of this billboard campaign. Using billboard advertising can be an excellent way to market a company, brand , product or service.

Locations in Belfast

First we considered where our billboards would be displayed. Typically, billboards are placed in high traffic areas, such as motorways, cities and beside shopping centres… So, we carefully selected prime locations around Belfast to display AVC Studios billboards. As they are placed in such busy areas, billboards tend to generate a high number of views and impressions than other marketing methods.

AVC Imagery

Billboard advertising is an effective way to build brand awareness, and in fact that is exactly what we want to do for AVC Studios in Belfast. To catch the eye of audiences driving past our billboards we wanted to make a bold statement while also showing what AVC do. We worked with our graphics team to make a bold and simple statement.


AVC Studios have a lot to offer! Unfortunately, detailing everything we have to offer on a billboard just was not feasible. Therefore, we highlighted the main characteristics of AVC Studios to catch audiences attention. This included, ‘Belfast Largest Virtual/Hybrid Studios’, ‘Smart Choice Online Events’, our fabulous location and, of course, our AVC logo!

How our Billboard worked for AVC Studios

We are very pleased with how the AVC Studios Billboards turned out thanks the help we received from Rapid Agency Belfast. We were lucky enough to get a shout out from Clear Channel NI, who posted about our three billboards on their Facebook and Instagram. It is great to see the support for our billboard campaign as we bring our fantastic studios to Northern Ireland!

Contact Us

If you are interested in holding a virtual event with us, using our Belfast studio, do not hesitate to get in touch.

We cover everything from events production, audio and visual hire and everything it involves!

Telephone: +44 (28) 90739241

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