Virtual Conferencing at AVC
15 Apr

Virtual Conferencing at AVC

A legacy of the covid crisis that is here to stay is the switch from traditional meetings to virtual conferencing. First used only as means of protecting employers’ safety, the benefits of video conferencing have become too evident to be ignored.

With video conferencing tools such as Zoom surpassing 300 million daily users in 2020, and more meetings being held online, AVC have been at the forefront of providing professional visual and audio production to ensure your virtual conferences are world class.

Here is a Gallery of some of our recent Video Conferencing Events throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland:

Virtual conferencing is cost-effective

How much money did your company spend on business lunches, airplane tickets, and conferencing rooms? That money could be allocated in a much more productive way, invested into new projects or marketing.

Virtual conferencing saves your company money. Gathering users in a computer-simulated space with digital tools that help them interact helps your team connect without wasting resources.

AVC provide all the technical know how and installation, allowing you to focus on the important aspects of your conference.

Virtual conferencing is time-efficient

The hours that you used to spend flying to meetings or commuting can now be used for some extra work – have your meetings any place on earth and connect with professionals from all over the world. Your employers will appreciate not having to waste hours traveling and instead being able to enjoy some free time, making them more focused and connected at work.

It’s more fun

In order to stay productive, people need to be engaged. Tools like special effects, avatars, and backgrounds will spark the interest of your employees and partners, awakening their creativity to produce better and more productive ideas.

Save every word

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember each detail from a meeting, but with the switch to online conferencing, you have the possibility to record every minute, playback key points, and address the topics later. When many people partake in a conference, valuable insights can be lost, but a virtual meeting allows you to save each word and prevent repetitive conferences.


With the ongoing pandemics, it can be difficult to hold a conference while following all the health guidelines. Virtual conferencing allows you to handle business as usual without compromising yours, or the health of a partner and employee.

Reach key partners from all over the world with Video Conferencing

The standardisation of virtual conferencing has made key players in your industry open to meeting potential partners without ever meeting them. Incorporate a professional virtual conferencing tool and present yourself in the best light to introduce new ideas to potential partners from different continents.

You are no longer limited to your area and market – the world is quite literally your oyster. Use our cutting-edge conferencing software to make your business ideas as attractive as possible to potential clients and attract a whole new market to expand your company or business.

Are you planning on running a Virtual Conference, do you need professional help?

At AVC we have all the skills, experience, knowledge and technological infrastructure to deliver a world class Virual Conference from any of our studios throughout Ireland, including, Belfast, Derry and throughout Northern Ireland.  See our contact us page and complete our online form and we will provide a comprehensive and cost effective Virtual Conferencing quotation.